Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 22. 2007

I am reminded about a minor incident with a friend a few years ago. He was driving his family to church as was I. To make a long story short he turned right in front of me. I was close enough that I could clearly see all their faces. And of course there was Laura with her hands pressed against the dashboard. We later met up after service like we would usually do. I gave him a hard time, with a smile on my face. He said, "you must have gunned it from the light." I did. We were late. I was able to forgive him with just a shrug; you know, because he's human. And humans tend to make mistakes.

Applying that same philosophy to strangers is just so difficult to me. I think because often I feel that the mistakes people are making are just so obvious. I feel I can justify my lack of forgiveness because whatever they've done is their fault. How unChristlike is that?? I mean sheesh! The funny thing is, God's perspective is the same. My mistakes are so obvious. How can he(I) make them?

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