Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 12, 2007

Grace. It seems to be a common theme here. As I was going to bed last night (
Tuesday), I realized that one thing I'm really lacking is the ability to extend grace.

I get cranky when my body needs to rest. In fact, I often use my crankiness measurement to determine my bedtime. I was all ready for bed when I noticed a few things in the bedroom that weren't right. My crankiness meter went through the roof.

As I lie there falling off to sleep, I kept thinking that there are so many things I bitch about, but yet I don't help with. "What a dick." I thought. Then came the lightbulb.

"Jesus, you have blessed me with never ending grace. Teach me how to extend that to others, especially my family. I'll take baby steps, but I think in this case, more aggressive steps are needed. Thank you Lord for your awesome example of love."

photo by Hanzabean

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