Monday, February 26, 2007

Is behaviorial medication an acceptable solution?

I'll post more on this later as well, but I wanted to get this thought down on "paper".

Keeping in mind (our) faith in Jesus Christ, is it acceptable to take medication to alter you behavior for the better? I know it's socially acceptable, but is it ok in the eyes of God; say, as opposed to prayer exclusively? Like I said earlier, I'm sure I'll expand on this later, but I wanted to pose the question.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First pics for Silent Violet's CD Release Party

I hope this works:
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Mother/Wife of Iraq Soldier gets 2 YEARS in jail for throwing McDonalds cup

This is exactly what I could find myself into if I can't get this forgiveness thing workin' (see previous post).

A woman is driving north on Interstate 95. Three kids squirm in the back seat, and her sister, six months pregnant and having early contractions, sits in the front. The stress starts to simmer. Traffic slows, then crawls, then creeps. More stress. A car cuts in front of her, then scoots away. A short time later, it darts in again. She can no longer...

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I just realized on the way home from work today that I have an issue with forgiveness. Here's the scoop:
I watched as this car, two cars in front of me, palatially go into the other lane. Now, I'm sure you've had experience with this. You watch the car get over just enough to block both lanes, just as the light turns green. Now neither lane can go, 'cause there's a car in the way. As I'm bitching at this unknown driver, I think that getting over (unlike this) should be common sense. "If you're gonna get over, do it. Don't half-ass it."

I started to think about the situation, because I felt uncomfortable with all my complaining. It occurred to me that there was probably a good chance that he didn't do this intentionally; and how many times has (and will) this happen to me? Then, if it is true that he didn't mean to do it, how do I have the right to bitch? From there I thought, If I'm holding some unknown drive to this standard, then I have to live up to that same standard! What if I make a mistake? What if my mistake is worse than just blocking two lanes for 15 seconds? There's no way I can live up to that standard!

So I figured the only way I can get off the hook for this level of driving skill, is to forgive these other drivers, which brings me to the topic at hand: forgiveness.

Why is it that whenever I think to say "I forgive you." it sounds fake, & unnatural? I think this is a big deal for Laura & I to deal with, but so far has been relatively unsuccessful. I find it a lot easier to ask for forgiveness, but difficult to do the forgiving. Maybe I think that I'm flawed too & therefore, for me to forgive would be to say that I'm better than you; which is not what I'm saying.

Christ sets the example. But for him it was easy, he was perfect. I'm pretty sure it's my biblical ignorance that is hindering me, but I really don't know where to go from here.

I think I'm talking in circles... I'll probably post more on this later. :)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Children: the good husband "wildcard"

It occurred to me this morning that on my ToDo list to be a better husband, I completely forgot about incorporating playtime with the kids. I'm calling this the "wildcard" because we often forget to actually set aside time to interact with them, and the time spent could be significant. I suppose the time spent could be considered "value added" and therefore could contribute to the overall mental/emotional health benefit that my wife requires. But this time spent would take away from other duties like, laundry, cleaning the basement, etc. Another way to look at it is, if I keep the kids from fighting by keeping them busy (again, value added. Not TV.) I think I can do my wife some good. Any addition thoughts are welcome.