Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discipline is a challenge

For over a year I've been stashing money away for the purchase of a new car.  I decided on what I wanted last August, but was nowhere near the down payment I wanted.  I had even considered purchasing the car late last fall, to take advantage of the sales tax savings, but decided that a larger (30%) down payment outweighed the good interest rate, & tax savings.  It was then that I decided to buy a 2010 model toward the late spring of 2010

A couple weeks go the 2011 models were announced.  I reviewed the specs & looked at the pictures, but decided that I didn't really like the styling changes, and was glad that I had decided on the 2010 model.

So, it was yesterday that I had contacted the dealer to see what's available and place my order if need be.  Come to find out, the last date to place an order for the 2010 model was a month ago (March 19th), and there's no cars on the lot in all of Michigan, Indiana, & Ohio.  I'm screwed.

People keep trying to talk me out of the new car purchase.  I completely understand the difference in value new vs. used.  I am conscious of the whole “the car goes down in value by X% as soon as you drive it off the lot” argument.  I have 2 rebuttals: 1) I'm not going to sell my car as soon as I drive it off the lot; I plan to keep it for 10+ years,  and 2) This car is absent in the used market; people buy these cars and keep them.  Buying used isn't really a viable option. 

So now that I have to wait an additional 3-4 months, I must stay diligent with my saving.  It's very difficult to see a woot-off and not press the I Want One button.  I see the deals at Newegg on a weekly basis, & have to close the site as soon as I open it, because I know that I'll be tempted.  There's a video game that I want to get next month, and it pains me to know that I can't.  Keeping my 'eye on the prize' takes more willpower than I had originally thought.  I just hope I can make it.  :)

Photo courtesy of Autoblog