Monday, August 24, 2009

Decisions, decisions...not to buy

I've sadly decided to wait until the spring to by my WRX. I had originally planned to by an '09 on “sale” but I haven't saved up enough loot to be at the payment I want (even with the auspicious 0%). I also figure, why should I buy a new car in the winter, so it can sit in the garage? (I have an S-10 beater that I plan to drive this winter). It pains me to not have this fine piece of machinery! But I know in my gut that this is the right decision. By stashing money this winter, I estimate I'll be able to put down nearly 40% on a 2010 next spring (tax return included). As much as my heart aches, I think it's the right decision. :(

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1 comment:

JimmyH said...

in an attempt not to sound like a condescending asshole, i just wanna say that i'm super proud of you, dude! :)