Friday, April 27, 2007

Save internet radio! Internet Radio Equality Act introduced into congress

A bill has been introduced that will save independent internet radio by setting these royalties at the same level paid by satellite radio services, and nullifying the CRB royalty rate that was in many cases several times the total gross revenues for indie webcasters. Call your congressman and ask them to support this bill!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mamma, I brokkah my leg...

We get a call Friday night from the In-Laws about PJ crying, and "...he wont put any weight on his leg..." He wasn't screaming, but he was crying. It was late, and we figured he was just tired. We figured if his leg was really busted, then it'll still be busted in the morning. Sure enough, he didn't put his weight on it the next morning either.

They took him to the clinic and got an X-ray. Sure enough it's broken. Seeing is how there's nothing for us to do. After the doctors put him in a temporary cast, he got the royal treatment. He learned all about how to bark orders in such a way for him to get anything (within reason) he wanted.

Monday Laura and the kids waited an hour and a half to see the orthopedic surgeon. He didn't have to "re-break" it, so that was good. But he did make sure to instruct us not to let him put weight on his leg. It is my understanding that the area in which his leg is broken, is a growth plate, and 20% of kids will need surgery after a break like this. But, apparently that kind of break is common in children, so we'll see.

It's been a few days, and Laura's already caught him standing on his leg/cast. We've instructed him to army crawl & he seems to have taken to that for now. Potty is going to be tough, and we're still not exactly sure how bathing is going to go. Keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Everyday struggles, an Easter re-cap.

The premise

So, this morning I was a bit stressed due to restless sleep, & an "early" morning. I wanted to make sure I took some pictures of my brother-in-law's baptism, so I was on the hunt for the camera. Considering our camera setup is pretty expensive, it's usually close by; a table, counter, etc. So, when I was having trouble finding it, I automatically figured Laura had left it somewhere obscure. I later found in a box in the back of the van. It had been there about a week. Now, if you recall it's been pretty cold this past week, with the temperatures hovering in the low 30s. I bring the box in from the van that housed the camera, in addition to a slew of other objects. I had to remove 2 64oz jugs of juice & Laura's watermelon plate.

With the frustration of my expensive camera being subjected to a week of cold weather, looming over my head, I aggressively unpacked the camera from the depths of its cold crate. I tossed the jugs of juice, some papers, & of course, the plate on the floor...crash!

I think, unenthusiastically, "uh-oh, a plate broke." I didn't realize how important the plate was until Laura came in with an "Oh no! My watermelon plate!" But instead of apologizing, and admitting that I was a jerk, I played it off like it was cold, & under the heavy juice that caused it to break.

Now, there may have been some truth to conditions (cold, under load) with which the plate broke, but that didn't excuse me for tossing it out of the box onto the floor in a huff.

The baptism

I get out the camera to take pictures & it fogs in the humid, warm, pool atmosphere. I complain to Laura about its condition, & she tells me to hold it under the hot-air hand dryers in the locker room. Brilliant! It works.


Laura slaves over a hot stove, barefoot & happy. Her family is together for the first time in a long time, laughing & having a good time. All without any arguments, or ill-will. This is a sight to be seen.

She gives me a card that references sunshine, butterflies, "you" (meaning me), and how "God makes the best stuff ever."

Dinner's over & I'm having trouble with the Netflix website. I'm huffin' & puffin' about Internet Explorer, & Windoze Media Player. Laura encourages me to call Customer Service. I hate calling C.S. with any company. They always talk to me like I'm an idiot. Most of the time I just want to tell them, if they'd only use open standards I wouldn't have this problem.

I call them, & I think they fixed the problem (I'm waiting for this 'fix' to work right now).

The Moral

Her words are absent, but I know in my heart that she has forgiven me for the plate. In fact, she has forgiven me for a lot of asshole things I've done. I will still ask forgiveness, but I feel at this point, it's just a formality.

On the surface she seems like an ordinary woman, but beneath the surface, she's constantly sacrificing herself for her family & being a huge encouragement to me. She's so awesome that I can really only attribute her greatness to God. He's using her all the time to teach me things. I can't help but look at her & thank God.