Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, the agony!

I am so exhausted today. I stayed up way too late watching game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 3rd overtime finished up at about 12:45am. It was an intense game, with some good play, & some bad calls. This would have been a freakin' fantastic night had the Red Wings won the cup. Oh well, on to game 6.

(BTW, hockey in HD is AWESOME!!)

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photo by KCJACOBY


Anonymous said...

quit whining.

Kcjacoby said...

Don't I get props for my photo?

Mark said...

@kcjacoby: Sorry about that. I guess I figured if they clicked on the picture, it would take you to the Flickr page, therefore giving you credit. I have added your cred.