Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You can't kill the metal, The metal will live on...

Today I stumbled across Pandora's podcast, this time, about Metal. Although I think the podcast itself is interesting, I don't feel it does Metal justice. They play samples of certain types of sub-genres, usually played by an independent band, to illustrate the particular sub-genre being discussed. The problem with this particular episode is that these samples lack vocals. The group mentions that vocals can, and are usually, play an important part of the music, but they don't play any songs with vocals in the podcast. Like all Pandora's other podcasts, they have many popular music samples on the website to further illustrate the sub-genres. Make sure you go to the page to check out these awesome samples. Or, you could just listen to my Hair Metal station if you want to hear some sweet metal!

Pandora Presents... Types of Metal

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Kevin Seal from said...

Hi, Mark,

Thanks for listening -- true that we didn't have a singer on that session. It's tough finding a good metal singer, especially one who could do all of those different styles, from Cookie Monster to operatic (we couldn't find one).

But yeah, our main point was to get at the musical components. Hopefully a sequel someday can get into the vocals and lyrics more.