Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wet Dog

Last night the kids & I were in the midst of watching a movie together. About half way through, we hear footsteps on the stairs. It was Laura hold a wet Zeke. She said, "Ya know, I really prefer to take my showers alone!" We laughed.

Apparently she had taken him into the bathroom with her, figuring he could hang out on the floor and wait while she took a shower. Everything seemed fine until she closed the curtain. Zeke freaked out, and jumped in the tub with her. He curled up and laid down by her feet amidst the water, & shampoo swirling around the tub floor.

Now, you may not think this is that big a deal, but I must put this in perspective. The height of the tub is at least two times the height of the dog. He had to jump, flounder atop the tub rim, then fall into the tub. It was a real struggle for him.

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