Thursday, December 21, 2006


I decided to start this blog because I didn't like Livejournal anymore. I am calling it Unsatisfied Humanity, because aren't we all unsatisfied? I was doing some reflection the other day & I kept coming back to the fact that I'm always unsatisfied when it comes to music. I can listen to a song I like no more than 5 times within a 1 week period. Then after that 1 week, I have to put it on the shelf before I get sick permanently. In fact I have a mental list of songs I can never play again otherwise my head will explode. Thank God for services like Pandora & If it weren't for music discovery services I think I would go crazy. Can you imagine being stuck listening to the radio for the rest of your life? I mean sure there's satellite radio, & internet radio, but they still play the same songs over & over.

The solution? There isn't one. The best you can do is jump from station to station, service to service. Another cool way, to explore your musical options is to go to performances by a local artist. It's usually pretty cheap, and sometimes you might be impressed.

Dissatisfaction is more than just music though, isn't it? It's everything; from your job, to your financial situation, to your relationships. I'm hoping that this blog won't be a gripe-fest, but a source of options, thoughts, & hope. We'll see...

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